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We Do It For Love...

Kory Phillips is @iamthekingoffitness

By Chrys Jennings | In All | on October 27, 2015

He is Deborah Phillips’s only son, he has never worked for a major corporation and he is a college drop out. He is the class clown that turned his life around. He failed his way to success. Kory D. Phillips is a 31 year old Entrepreneur who is the Founder and Owner of Lovely Bodies LLC located in Shreveport, Louisiana and now the owner of his second location Lovely Bodies Atlanta located in Atlanta, Georgia. Phillips has successfully own and operated Lovely Bodies for four years. As the years have flown by Phillips has manage to charm the hearts of the people in his community and all around the globe, because of one ingredient, “Love” which he calls his secret sauce. Phillips has not always been an advocate for Health and Fitness, in fact he has been morbidly obese during his adolescent years and nearly all of his adult life, once tipping the scales at an alarming 311 lbs. Although obesity is the number one killer among Americans and also associated with other life threatening diseases such as; Coronary Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and many other chronic and or fatal illnesses, these risk factors were not enough to the convince the 29 year old to change his unhealthy eating habits. Phillip’s continued to indulge in risky behavior, but little did he know all that was about to change! On the cool Spring morning of March 24, 2008 his whole world suddenly began to fall apart; when his best friend, his ears of comfort, his father Willie Phillips had a devastating stroke that has left him paralyzed for five years, one month, and four days to date. Hearing the doctors’ prognosis; that his father would never, walk, talk, or be able to enjoy the simplicity of life again, was utterly distasteful to the once unenthusiastic young man. The doctor prognosis, fueled a fire that was mysteriously burning. During and after the visits at the rehabilitation hospital, there were tears, tears too heavy for the 29 year olds eyes to bare. There were prayers, begging, relentless, desperate ones, overcrowding the doors of heaven, for answers, of why such thing had to happen to his hero? Philips began to see the light, although his father could not walk, nor talk; I believe God began to whisper to their hearts at the same time, Phillips engaged in a promising deal with his father could have possible changed both of their lives forever. With full force, thriving faith, and conquering spirits of overcoming barriers, Phillips and his father dove in head first with the razor sharp claws of a tenacious eagle at the fight of their life. Zealously upholding both ends of a deal that Phillips would pursue a healthy +lifestyle and lose weight, while his father would continue the process of rehabilitation. The passion of their promise flung open the doors of a new destiny. Day by day, and step by step Phillips began to take drastic measures to lose weight and get healthy. He lost over 100 lbs. in a short time span of six months. Others were inspired by his weight loss journey and wanted to join in, Phillips gladly took on the challenge; he taught them his methods and they too lost impressive amounts of weight. Before he knew it his uncanny abilities to save lives had taken the nation by storm. Although Phillips father is the catapulting momentum behind his success, he has found new in inspiration his soon-to-be niece. Phillips is a solid man and leaving behind a legacy is very important to him. Phillips says; “Giving is the key to life.” Phillips’ passion wakes him at dawn every morning readily equipped and overjoyed to save more lives. Never let your struggle become your identity! “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.”-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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